Book Review – JavaScript: The Good Parts by Douglas Crockford

JavaScript: The Good Parts

I had the pleasure of reviewing, JavaScript: The Good Parts, by Douglas Crockford for the O’Reilly Blogger Review Program.

Like Mr. Crockford stated in his book, sometimes a developer finds themselves working with JavaScript in non-conventional methods.  For example, the enterprise IT Service Management application, HP Service Manager, has a JavaScript API that allows developers to work with some of the components using JavaScript.   Since JavaScript is a well accepted language, it is not uncommon to find the language in many tools outside of the common Web Browser.  The book, JavaScript: The Good Parts, has a somewhat miss leading title.   At 145 pages, the book is thin enough that you can finish in an afternoon, but unless you have spent a few years working in Object Oriented Programming the book will be far from friendly.

The title should have been, JavaScript: The parts the other books didn’t go over.  This book takes an academic approach to many concepts in JavaScript and programming theory.  If topics such as memorization, curry, invocation don’t scare you away then I suggest you dig into this one of a kind treasure.  The chapter on regular expression gives the reader a different look at how to view the topic as objects rather than the typical “how to match expressions” lesson.  I felt that the “style” chapter was a bit light in that it did discuss some best practices for style use in coding such as using the K&R style for block statements but did not dive into other typical topics on style such as variable names.  I also found the syntax diagrams used throughout the book to be extremely helpful in understanding the syntax for the methods and functions he discusses.

If you are already a confident Object Oriented developer or a well seasoned JavaScript developer then take a look at this book.  If you are a rookie to the language or looking for a cookbook method of learning, I would suggest you look at some of the other JavaScript texts from O’Reilly.

I review for the O'Reilly Blogger Review Program

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