Class Review – Scott & Neil’s Designing Web Interfaces Master Class

Designing Web Interfaces ClassI recently took the time out to watch Theresa Neil and Bill Scott give an excellent presentation on Designing Web Interfaces. Scott and Neil both go to great depths in explaining some of the best design patterns being used in today’s online web applications. The video keeps the watcher interested by always showing great examples of good design and bad design (aka anti-patterns). Some of the examples include design patterns such as the rating systems from Netflix to recent patterns used in the Apple iPad.

I found this video to be a must-have resource for anyone that works with the user interface of application development. While this video does not go into details on how to build these interfaces, it does arm the viewer with enough information to go out and build better designed web interfaces. This video has also given me a few ideas on how to re-organize and design the blogs I manage as well as the IT Service Management software I’ve been working on in Adobe Flex. I highly recommend you take time out to watch this 4 hour course on web design patterns. I’m sure you will emerge with a more keen sense for good design principles.

Bill also maintains his blog Looks Good Works Well where you can find many other great examples of web design practices.

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